Easy communication

Easy communication

Easy communicationEasy communicationEasy communication

Affordable | Branded | Customizable


Apps & Dashboard


We have made it easy for people to use your personalized communication App. We have also made it incredibly simple for administrators to send alerts to anyone in your community. 



Our system works for Towns, Schools and any organization that needs to send out important information.



The complete App & Dashboard system is customizable to your needs, including, name, logo, colors, action buttons, etc. It becomes YOUR app and dashboard.

About Us


A team of highly trained technologist with years of experience within public/governmental organizations. We understand technology and how important getting information out is. We know you need to inform citizens, students and parents in emergencies and situations such as boil water advisories, closures. We are the leading experts in User Interfaces. We understand the need for an alert/notification app and how to make it easy for you to use.



We offer the lowest rate for a communication/alert app!  We understand that effective communication is the highest priority for you but the cost is also an important factor. We are dedicated to providing you with the best technology at the most affordable price.

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Citizen Alert info@citizenalert.ca

Quebec, Canada

(819) 437-9991