Drinking Water/Boil Water Advisories


A boil-water advisory notice caused some distress in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec in recent days, and highlighted the need for quick and easily accessible communications channels that can connect a municipality to its citizens. In many situations, and perhaps especially in situations where public health or safety could be put at risk, time is precious and municipalities must be equipped to share information rapidly with their citizens. Avoiding conflicts with citizens and/or preventing serious consequences, ones which could not only influence the health and lives of a municipality’s citizens, but which could also have a negative impact on a municipality’s own reputation, are of the utmost importance.

Citizen Alert, a new Quebec-based company, has developed a digital communications platform specifically intended to help make communications dilemmas (such as the boil-water advisory one mentioned above) easy to manage and resolve. They offer a branded, affordable, and customizable communications platform that enables municipalities, companies, or institutions to share instant electronic notifications – ranging from quick updates or announcements to event information and news bulletins – with their target audience. 

With the Citizen Alert platform, municipalities can send urgent notifications and information directly to the mobile phones of their citizens. For example, a town manager could use the application to send an alert or notification of a boil-water advisory through the app’s cloud platform from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and the app’s users would receive the message instantly on their device. They would therefore remain informed of the progress of the situation and they would know, without a doubt, that they were receiving the most up-to-date information possible. Best of all, the users would simply need to download the municipality’s named and branded application to their preferred device to keep themselves informed – no registration process is required to receive a municipality’s notifications. With Citizen Alert, the communications process remains simple and effective, and everyone can be sure they are being kept up-to-date and informed.

Citizen Alert simplifies information sharing by helping clients to quickly and easily share urgent and non-urgent messages via a personalized application and a communications dashboard. Accessible from any location and available on any electronic device, this branded system ensures all communications are adaptable, simple, and timely – just the way they should be. 

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Stephan Rivard, Business Development Manager of Citizen Alert,